SteriLux Systems Industry Applications


SteriLux Systems was founded in a hospital setting as a solution to the critical and high cost issue of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). According to the CDC, HAIs are responsible for 700,000 infections, 75,000 deaths, and cost $31.5 Billion in government spending each year. Further, the CMS has stopped reimbursing hospitals for certain preventable HAIs and established a 2015 initiative to reduce HAIs by 25-50%. A single HAI can cost a hospital up to $45,000.

Our first study, in partnership with Weill Cornell Hospital and published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, concluded that the implementation of a UVC germicidal locker to sterilize white coats does have the potential to reduce HAIs.

Considering the cost of each HAI, a SteriLocker that prevents just one HAI yields a 7X ROI for the hospital – a very profitable investment.