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The SteriLocker and The Sterilux App

SteriLocker & SteriLux App

Our technology helps to solve the global issue of pathogen transmission by eradicating bacteria, fungus, spores and viruses on all sides of a garment, shoes, and personal items at the same time. The benefits of using SteriLux Systems goes far beyond the sanitizing function since it also enhances consumer confidence leading to higher revenues, saves time and easily integrates with existing workflows.

Fast Sterilization

SteriLux Systems uses proven UVC light technology to kill harmful pathogens on-site with a cycle time of TWO minutes. Our design allows for sterilization of both the inside and outside of a uniform or coat, and includes two orbs to zap pathogens inside of pockets or inside of shoes.

While traditional laundering is an effective cleaning process, it is time consuming and typically occurs at an off-site location. Our  easy to use SteriLocker destroys pathogens on-site with using a single outlet for power.

Safety Features

Exposure to UV light can be extremely harmful to both skin and eyes, so our SteriLocker has many safety features to protect users against the numerous powerful components that enable the rapid and convenient sterilization of garments, shoes, and personal items.

Our device features sensors to detect the presence of a garment and the state of the door in terms of locked or unlocked. It is only when both the door and coat are in place that the locker will power the UV components. The SteriLocker will automatically power off in the event that the door opens during a use, and is equipped with protected with a UV Safe window for a user to view the SteriLocker in action.

How It Works?

The Sterilux Systems Cycle


Put your top layer or uniform, shoes and personal items in the SteriLocker. Close the door and press start.


Track it’s status and your sterilization statistics from the mobile app


Open the door, and prevent pathogen transmission in the work-place with your sterilized items! Repeat as necessary!

Easy to use mobile application

Our SteriLocker is a smart device that communicates with our iOS and Android mobile application. The Mobile application serves as an essential data collection tool to measure reduced infection rates using the SteriLocker.

The SteriLocker Application assists the SteriLocker user with reminders, push notifications, open locker locations and usage reporting.

To ensure compliance

Our Mobile application delivers usage monitoring reports for each SteriLocker unit and can identify frequency of use by an individual. The usage reporting can also serve a process management throughout the organization by identifying bottlenecks and optimization opportunities.

Our Mobile Application also provides self-diagnostics and maintenance alerts to ensure pathogen killing effectiveness.

And to support management

Our customers are our partners, and we want to ensure our lockers are effective pathogen killers.

We will work with administration and managers, not only to implement and maintain our system, but to track the efficacy and best placement of the lockers. This will be driven by the data, specifically infection rates and usage over time.